Do you find yourself staring at your Superannuation Statement with no idea what you are meant to be looking at? Perhaps you don’t even get that far and it’s still sitting untouched in the envelope on your bench.

Have you been reading our social media posts and are starting to wonder if your insurance is right for your needs?  However, you are unsure what questions you should be asking your Insurance provider, or what you actually need should the worst happen?

Are your work colleagues talking about switching superannuation funds, moving everything to cash or buying shares because the time is right? Meanwhile, you don’t understand any of this or what you are meant to be doing.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with decisions and just want to get some real answers from someone that knows what they are talking about?

At Humblebee Financial Planning we offer Education Sessions, where you can get down to earth, easy to understand information on any topic you like. Be that Superannuation, Investing, Insurance, purchasing your first home or investment property and much more….

For just $220 we take you through a 90minute Education session online, after this you will be confident that you understand your current financial world and what you need to do next.